Clipart - Tantiemenfreie Cliparts, Bilder, Fonts, Web-Art und Grafiken zum Herunterladen bei Mit einem Abo können Sie sich von der besten Website für Clipart-Bilder und Grafiken auch tantiemenfreie Clipart-Hintergründe, Rahmen für Webseiten, Schaltflächen, Windows-Symbole und Zeichnungen herunterladen - ideal auch zur Einstimmung auf Fest- und Feiertage. 13 Millionen Bilder im Abonnement!
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Wir über uns by Vital Imagery Ltd. is the largest collection of royalty-free images offered by subscription on the web. For one low price you can download all the clipart, photos, fonts and sounds you need.

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Company Background

The company that is today Vital Imagery Ltd., was founded by an experienced management team with a desire to develop and market electronic clipart, photos, fonts, sounds and animations to professionals in graphic design, publishing and education, as well as to the home user. The original team included company owners Charlie and Alison Hoy as well as two other individuals with significant experience and contacts in the various relevant industries.

Vital Imagery Ltd., opened to the public in November 2006. Early in 2010, just after moving into its new offices, the company launched its second subsidiary, an educational subscription site. The content is filtered to ensure that it is child friendly and age appropriate. In 2012 Vital Imagery added to its list of subsidiaries with the purchase of the Acclaim Images LLC sites and in 2013 with the launch of its web site.

Vital Imagery Ltd. is a proud member of the PACA, the Digital Media Licensing Association, Centre of the Picture Industry (CEPIC), Better Business Bureau, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses and the local Chamber of Commerce.

The company also proudly supports, donating 10¢ of every subscription purchased from the company to help small-businesses world-wide.

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