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Rows per Page: on Facebook on Twitter Vital Imagery on Instagram Closeup | Royalty-Free Image of cutout, "studio shot", full-length, "one person only", Caucasian, adult, man, male, black, clothing, thief, burglar, intruder, masked, "ski mask", documents, papers, camera, "taking pictures", spy, spying, agent, operative, undercover, "side view", crouching, squatting, boxes, cardboard, "small group of objects", "looking back", "over the shoulder", gesture

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Keywords: the, masked, clothing, full-length, documents, taking, Caucasian, view, adult, shot, only, studio, male, crouching, cardboard, boxes, black, one, cutout, small, ski, over, intruder, of, shoulder, group, burglar, objects, undercover, spying, papers, gesture, person, mask, looking, spy, operative, back, thief, camera, man, squatting, side, agent, pictures
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Multimedia-Resolution JPEG 252.6K 705 x 800 pixels 72 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
Medium-Resolution JPEG 454.0K 1058 x 1200 pixels 300 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
High-Resolution JPEG 1.1MB 2115 x 2400 pixels 300 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
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