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Rows per Page: on Facebook on Twitter Vital Imagery on Instagram Closeup | Royalty-Free Image of "two people", full-length, Caucasian, brunette, blonde, blond, "mid-adult man", "mid-adult woman", man, male, woman, female, adults, "35-40 years", "40-45 years", business, professionals, businessman, businesswoman, businesspeople, executives, management, corporate, career, job, occupation, profession, coworkers, co-workers, colleagues, "business attire", suit, tie, "pants suit", sitting, seated, chairs, seats, cooperation, using, laptop, portable, computer, "open mouth", "mouth open", shocked, surprised, "studio shot", cutout

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Keywords: laptop, chairs, full-length, mid-adult, blond, two, pants, profession, years, business, seats, male, open, people, cutout, surprised, adults, female, computer, seated, colleagues, coworkers, woman, blonde, mouth, career, tie, using, job, professionals, man, brunette, businessman, co-workers, Caucasian, shocked, corporate, sitting, executives, shot, studio, cooperation, occupation, portable, 5-40, suit, management, businesswoman, attire, businesspeople, 40-45
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Multimedia-Resolution JPEG 316.7K 800 x 733 pixels 72 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
Medium-Resolution JPEG 522.8K 1200 x 1100 pixels 300 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
High-Resolution JPEG 1.3MB 2400 x 2200 pixels 300 pixels/inch 24-bit RGB color
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