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Where is the item I've downloaded?

When you downloaded your image or font, a "Save As..." dialog box gave you the option of choosing a file location. If you didn't specify a destination, it went into whichever location was opened in the "Save in..." field.

If you remember your item's filename:

  1. Open your "Find" utility
    • WINDOWS: Open the Start menu, then select Files or Folders... from Find or Search.
    • MACINTOSH, pre-OSX: Select Find File from the Apple menu.
    • MACINTOSH, OSX: open a Finder window, and type Command-F to open the "Find" dialogue box.

  2. Type in the filename and click Find Now (Windows), Search (Mac OSX), or Find (Mac pre-OSX).

  3. When your item appears, either make a note of its file location or move it to a new location.

If you don't remember the filename:

  1. Open your Netscape/Explorer folder: the files may have downloaded there by default.

  2. For individual images, look for an item number; for fonts, look for an abbreviated form of the font's name; for sounds, look for an abbreviated form of the sound's name; for shopping carts, look for any file or folder named "clipart".

If you cannot find the file, simply go back to and download it again. See I downloaded an item on's site, and now I need to find it again to quickly relocate it.

TIP: The next time you download, either save your image/fonts to the desktop or write down the file location. See How do I specify where I want my item to be saved? for further details.

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