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How do I install Windows fonts?

Before you can install your font, you need to download the font file and extract its contents. See How do I download font files? and How do I extract font files? for further instructions if you have not yet completed these steps.

Windows TrueType Fonts

  1. Pull up your Start menu to Settings.

  2. Select Control Panel.

  3. Open the Fonts folder.

  4. Select Install New Font... from the File menu.

  5. In the "Add Fonts" directories window, click on the folder in which your fonts are located. (If you saved to the desktop, the address should be C:\Windows\Desktop.)

  6. If the message "No fonts found" appears, use your Find utility to locate them.

  7. Select the fonts you want to install and click OK.

  8. To see your new fonts, quit then relaunch any application that was open during installation.

Windows PostScript Type 1 Fonts

Windows users MUST have Adobe Type Manager (ATM) to use PostScript fonts. If you have any Adobe software product (Photoshop, Illustrator, Streamline, PageMaker, etc.), you already have ATM. You may also have it as a plug-in, extension, or other kind of retrofit -- use your Find utility to verify.

  1. Open ATM.

  2. Click the Browse for Fonts option, and direct ATM to look on your desktop (or wherever you saved the fonts) -- available PostScript fonts will appear in the window on the left.

  3. Select the fonts you want to add and click Add.

  4. To see your new fonts, quit then relaunch any application that was open during installation.

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