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My cart says it is empty/full, and I know it's not.

When you visit the shopping cart page, you may be told that your cart is empty when you know there are items in it, or that it's full when you just emptied it. If this occurs, your web browser is showing an old page from its cache when it's not supposed to.

To bring your cart information up to date, try the first option below, then the next if that does not work, and so on:

  1. Click the Reload (Netscape) or Refresh (Explorer) button in your browser's toolbar.

  2. Clear the browser's cache.

    In Netscape 4 and higher for Macintosh and Windows:

    • Select Preferences... from the Edit menu.
    • Double-click Advanced (or click the "+" to its left), then select Cache.
    • Click Clear Disk Cache (Windows users: also click Clear Memory Cache), then click OK.

    In Netscape Navigator 3.x for Macintosh and Windows:

    • Select Network Preferences... from the Options menu.
    • Click the Cache tab.
    • Click Clear Disk Cache Now (Windows users: also click Clear Memory Cache), then click OK.

    In Explorer 5.0 and higher for Windows:

    • Select Internet Options... from the Tools menu.
    • Click the General tab.
    • Click Delete Files (in the "Temporary Internet files" box).
    • Click Clear History (in the "History" box).
    • Click OK.

    In Explorer 4.x for Windows:

    • Select Internet Options... from the View menu.
    • Click the General tab.
    • Click Delete Files.
    • Click Clear History.
    • Click OK.

    In Explorer 3.x or 4.x for Macintosh:

    • Select Preferences... from the Edit menu.
    • Open the Web Browser option by clicking the arrow next to it. (If the arrow is pointing down, it's already open.)
    • Select Advanced.
    • In the "Cache" section (middle of right frame), click Empty Now.
    • Click OK.

    In AOL 3.0.1 and higher for Macintosh:

    • Click the Prefs button in your AOL menu bar.
    • Select the Web icon on the left side of the "Preferences" window (scroll down to it).
    • Click Empty Cache, then click OK.

  3. Make your browser check for new documents more often.
    • In or around the same place that you clear the cache (see the previous option if you don't know where this is), your browser should have a setting called "Check Documents" or "Document in cache is compared to document on network," or "Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network." (If you don't see it in this area, click Settings to find it.)
    • Change this setting to "Every time" or "Every visit to the page," or "Always," then click OK.

You may need to quit and relaunch your web browser for your changes to take effect.

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