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The image I downloaded is only 72 dpi!

This may or may not be a problem, depending on what type of image you have:

Web Art

All images from's Web Art area are supposed to be 72 dpi (to match typical monitor resolution). A higher-resolution image would cause web pages to load more slowly.

If you obtained your GIF from the Clipart area, see "GIF (Non-web) or JPEG" below.

GIF (Non-web) or JPEG

When you open a 300+ dpi JPEG or GIF in a raster image editor such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, the image may seem VERY large and display at only 72 dpi. This is because most screen settings default to 72 dpi, and your editor must spread the pixels over a larger surface area to conform to this setting.

To view your image at its correct settings:

  1. Go into the "Scale/Resize Image" area of your editor.

  2. Make sure the "Resample" option is NOT checked. (Very important!)

  3. Reset the resolution to its original dpi (300 dpi or higher for JPEGs, 600 dpi for non-web GIFs). The height and width of the image should scale down proportionally.

  4. If the height and width do not scale down proportionally, click Cancel and try again.

NOTE: See your software's help documentation for specific instructions on resizing and resampling.

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