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The color image I downloaded displays as black and white.

Is your image an EPS (.eps)?

EPSs have two components: the image itself and the preview. The black and white, jaggy image you see onscreen is the preview. If you have a PostScript-compatible printer, it will read and print out the actual (color) image.

If you do not have a PostScript-compatible printer, consult your software's help documentation to see if your application will accept WMF files. The screen display for this format will more closely resemble the printed output.

If your image editor supports WMF:

  1. Find the image again on's site. (See I downloaded an item on's site, and now I need to find it again to quickly relocate it.)

  2. If the item is available as a WMF, download that version and open it in your application.

If the image is not available as a WMF, download and use the JPEG or GIF version.

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