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How do I do a keyword search?

  1. Select the image media type you wish to search for (i.e. Clipart, Photos, Illustrations, etc.).
    NOTE: Fonts and Sounds are not searchable by keyword.

  2. Enter keyword(s) into the keywords search field.

    • To find an exact phrase, enclose it in double quotes. (Examples: "Statue of Liberty", "Brooklyn Bridge".)

    • Select Match all or Match Any from the pull-down menu. (Example: Using the keywords cats dogs with Match Any selected will return images with cats OR dogs. Selecting Match All will only return images with cats AND dogs.)
      NOTE: Match All/Any only applies when using more than one keyword.

    • Enter any keywords you'd like to filter out of your search into the not these words field. (Example: Enter cats in the keyword field and dog in the not these words field to find images with cats and NO dogs.)

  3. Click the Search button.

To learn how to make your keyword searches more effective, see I found too many items -- how can I refine my search? and I didn't find enough images/fonts!

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