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How may I use content?
You are permitted to use images, fonts, and sounds in both commercial and noncommercial projects as long as all of the following conditions are met:

  • The content is incorporated for viewing purposes only.

  • The content does not comprise a large portion of the content of the application.

  • Your web pages and your clients' web pages do not give permission to download and save the content for any reason.

  • The application is not a product which is similar to or competes with any of the features of any Jupiterimages ( or Getty Images, Inc. ( product.

You are not permitted to:

  • redistribute the content as stock photography, clip art, web art, sounds, multimedia, or fonts.

  • use any of the content for any commercial purposes in excess of 100,000 printed copies without explicit written permission. NOTE: Web page impressions are unlimited.

  • use any of the content of an identifiable person (living or dead) for any commercial purpose.

  • use any of the content related to identifiable individuals or entities for any commercial purposes or in a manner which implies their endorsement of or association with any product, service, or entity.

  • use specific government, company, or persons' names, initials, and emblems for any commercial purposes or to express or imply endorsement or sponsorship of any commercial product, service, or activity.

  • create obscene or scandalous works, as defined by the Federal Government at the time the work is created, using the content or any modification of the content.
We request that the use of content include the following credit:
2007 (current year)
  If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service by e-mail at, or by phone at 1-800-482-4567, weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST. International customers please call 1-519-489-4694.  

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